The Warehouse Company Services

  • Warehousing Space
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Cold Room
  • Logistics Support
  • Materials Management
  • Gift Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Material Handling & Storage
  • Racking Solutions
  • Air conditioned Transportation
  • Warehouse Design/Layout
  • Warehouse Space Optimization

The Advantage of Partnering with The Warehouse Company

The Warehouse Company provides you a comprehensive suite of services all under one roof. The warehousing space coupled with material handling and transportation is an excellent hassle free combination for you.

The Warehouse Company Advantages
  • Better coordination between channel partners to ensure almost zero waiting time.
  • Stocks kept ready immediately after notification of a requirement from the factory. The tagging operation is complete before the truck arrives.
  • Once the truck is dispatched from the warehouse, the arrival schedule is communicated to the factory, so they can plan for the unloading.
  • Storage of material is carried out scientifically and space utilization is over 90%.
  • Material is stored as per GMP norms. Proper stock cards are displayed on the stacks; giving visibility on stocks and reducing the time for audit.
  • Documentation support to ensure material is properly received, stored and dispatched.