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Welcome to The Warehouse Company

Warehousing is a crucial part of the supply chain. It ensures the smooth flow of goods and helps maintain productivity levels in a company. Warehousing costs can significantly increase the cost of moving goods and inefficient warehousing processes can subtract from the bottom line of a company.   It is therefore right for you to choose the best warehousing company in Goa, The Warehouse Company.

At the forefront of the warehousing industry in Goa, is The Warehouse Company, a subsidiary of Machado & Sons Agents & Stevedores Pvt Ltd.

Machado & Sons Agents & Stevedores Pvt Ltd was  established in 1962, The Warehouse Company thus taps into a business culture, experience and professionalism that goes back nearly five decades.

The Warehouse Company, is one of the few warehousing companies offering warehousing services for a wide range of products, ranging from agricultural  to IT hardware. Our quality warehousing facilities are customized to meet individual product needs, at competitive rates and with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Advantage Goa

From a warehousing point of view, Goa is a strategically located state. It offer a vital link between the North West and South West of India, be it by rail or road. It also has a large harbor and an airport that is an international hub of travel. Having developed a number of strategically located Industrial Estates, Goa lends itself to having large warehouses located in the heart of the state and within close proximity to all the means of travel.

Storage at The Warehouse Company

At The Warehouse Company, your products are stored keeping their quality & Safety in mind,
  • Storage designed to prevent degrading from environmental factors
  • Store at the right temperature & humidity using our efficent cold rooms (2 - 8 deg C) or climate controlled warehouses (18 - 25)
  • Monitor the temperature and humidity using our online data loggers (US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)
  • Maximize on space, using horizontal and vertical space
  • Efficient auditing allows you to call for your goods just about anytime
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Warehouse Management
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